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Have you been Injured by a Faulty Ignition Switch on your Vehicle?

Every time you get into a motor vehicle, you run the risk of serious accidents and personal injuries. Because of the substantial dangers of car crashes, auto manufacturers have the legal duty to design, produce, and sell vehicles that are safe for use by drivers. If a manufacturer does not meet this duty of care, defective auto parts can easily malfunction and lead to serious collisions and injuries.

When most people think of malfunctioning car parts, they likely think of brakes, tires, or steering. However, one unexpected defective part on many General Motors (GM) vehicles has led to numerous crashes, causing at least 275 injuries and 124 deaths.1 This part was a faulty ignition switch, which would allow the key to turn while the car was in motion, causing the engine to abruptly switch off. Once the engine turned off, drivers lost many important functions of the vehicle, including power steering and airbag protections. The sudden switch caused thousands of drivers to crash and left them without important airbag protections in their collisions.

Injuries from the ignition switch defect range from relatively minor to fatal. One woman was even convicted of manslaughter after her passenger died in a crash and her conviction was recently overturned2 because the cause of the accident was determined to be the ignition switch in her GM-produced Chevy Cobalt. There are likely many more victims who have suffered injuries and losses. They may not realize, however, that their accident was caused by the faulty ignition switch or may not know that they may be entitled to compensation from GM.

Though GM issued a recall3 for 2.6 million vehicles for the ignition switch issue, the company should still be held liable for the losses of injured victims and surviving families. Many people have filed claims against the company and many more are expected to do so.

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