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Southern Illinois Benefits Of Making a Will

Making a Will gives you the opportunity to order your affairs before your death. We all have a natural reluctance to contemplate our own death, but it is one thing in life that is guaranteed. If you don’t leave a Will then the law will step in and a rigid set of rules, known as the Intestacy Rules[1], will dictate what happens to your property and your money.  There are many benefits to making a Will including:

  • Providing Financial Security for Loved Ones: In most cases, a Will is the most effective way of ensuring that those closest to you are adequately provided for after you have gone. It gives important peace of mind not only to you but also your nearest and dearest who will know that steps have been taken to provide them with the financial security they will require.  This is particularly important for unmarried couples as their relationship will not be recognized by the Intestacy Rules which apply when someone dies without leaving a valid Will.
  • Appointing Guardians for your Children: If you have young children and want to provide appropriate care for them after your death this is an important reason to make a Will.
  • Choosing your Executors: A Will enables you to decide who will be responsible for administering your affairs after your death and who will be responsible for making sure your wishes are carried out. This means that you get to choose people who you know will be suitable and who are likely to best represent your wishes. Executors are responsible for administering the estate, including the distribution of personal effects and the contents of the house. It is of vital importance that the right people are chosen. If you do not make a Will then the law will choose for you.
  • Specifying Wishes for your Funeral: Regardless of what your preferences are after your death, a Will enables you to leave instructions for your family and friends.  A Will can also allow you to set out any special wishes regarding a burial or cremation.
  • Making Arrangements for Pets: If you are concerned about who will care for your pets after your death, one solution is to nominate someone in your Will who you trust to care for your animals and to make sensible decisions regarding their care.
  • Avoid Intestacy Rules: One of the most important reasons to make a Will is to avoid the intestacy rules that are applied when an individual passes without a valid Will.   Intestacy laws dictate how property and money are divided when a valid will does not exist.  In many cases, the law produces an outcome that is contrary to what the deceased would have wanted

Contact a Probate Lawyer

If a loved one has passed and you have been named as an executor in their Will, it is important to contact a Southern Illinois probate lawyer.  The attorneys at Lawler Brown work with executors, administrators, personal representatives and heirs, helping you to take the necessary action to successfully close the estate of a loved one.  Call us today to discuss your probate concerns during a free consultation at 618-993-2222.


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