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Penalties for Hunting Violations in Illinois

Hunting, fishing, and trapping are highly regulated by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (“DNR”).1 The DNR has over 160 conservation police officers (“CPOs”) patrolling the state enforcing these regulations.

Illinois Law

Hunting, fishing, and trapping are extremely regulated by Illinois law. There are over 75 laws and regulations that specifically restrict hunting and trapping. There are also federal regulations that restrict hunting activity within Illinois as well.

While the law restricting hunting activity is complicated, ignorance of the law will not protect you from the penalties that come along with breaking these laws. Be sure to review all of the relevant regulations before heading out for a day of hunting or fishing to avoid finding yourself face to face with a CPO. The most common violations include permit violations, license violations, site violations, hunting too close to another and trespassing.


The punishment for most violations is simply a ticket. Tickets come with fines, court costs, and attorney fees, which can really add up.

In addition to the financial cost of the ticket, convictions of game law offenses can count against your record with the DNR.2 Just as tickets for traffic infractions can result in points against your driver’s license, the DNR keeps a record of points against your hunting and/or fishing license. Too many infractions can result in the suspension or loss of your ability to hunt. If a sportsman accrues 13 points over three years, they face suspension of his or her license for up to three years. As a general rule:

  • Petty Offense = 3 Points
  • Class C Offense = 6 Points
  • Class B Offense = 9 Points
  • Class A Offense = 12 Points
  • Some Class A Offenses = 13 Points / Immediate Suspension

Keep in mind that if you are in violation of more than one game law at a time, the points of each infraction will be stacked and applied against your license all at once, which could result in immediate loss of your privileges.

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