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What to do if Your Spouse Files an Order of Protection

Spouses can accuse each other of abuse for a variety of reasons. Maybe they are planning divorce and want to gain an upper hand in custody matters and other issues in the divorce proceedings. Perhaps they have themselves been abusive and want to deflect from their own actions. Whatever the reason, if your spouse files an order of protection against you, it is critical to take immediate action. An order of protection may do the following:

  • Force you to stay away from your home
  • Keep you from seeing your spouse or children
  • Give up any guns that you own

While an emergency order may go into effect, you will have the opportunity to appear at a hearing to defend against an extended order being granted. It is critical to have the assistance of a highly experienced defense attorney who understands how orders of protection cases work in Illinois. In addition, order of protection cases may also be accompanied by criminal charges for domestic violence and you want a lawyer who can handle both of your cases with skill. Domestic violence charges can result in the following consequences and more:

  • Time in jail
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Extended order of protection
  • Limitations on your professional options

At your hearing, your attorney can provide evidence in your defense that an order of protection is not warranted and can help you avoid the restrictions on your life that an order of protection would create. If the order is granted, your lawyer can help to negotiate for less stringent terms of the order.

Contact a Southern Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney as Soon as Possible

Facing an order of protection can have a serious effect on many aspects of your life, from where you live to whether you can see your kids. It is very important to have skilled legal representation throughout the order of protection hearings to defend against false accusations and to protect your rights. Call the Marion and Carbondale criminal defense lawyers at the Lawler Brown Law Firm today at 618-993-2222 for help.

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