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Penalties for Hunting Violations in Illinois

Hunting, fishing, and trapping are highly regulated by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (“DNR”).1 The DNR has over 160 conservation police officers (“CPOs”) patrolling the state enforcing these regulations. Illinois Law Hunting, fishing, and trapping are extremely regulated by Illinois law. There are over 75 laws and regulations that…


Protecting Your Rights After a Southern Illinois Traffic Violation

Many Southern Illinois residents assume that a traffic violation is a minor issue.  In reality, however, these charges can bring consequences that will have a major impact on your life ranging from getting back and forth to work to transporting your children to school or extracurricular activities. Common Criminal Traffic…


Helping Individuals In and Around Marion, Illinois

Marion, Illinois, a dispersed urban area that developed out of the early 20th Century coalfields, serves as the largest retail trade center in Southern Illinois.  The 17,413 residents of Marion share their home with the Illinois Star Centre Mall and the Southern Illinois Miners baseball team. Marion is also the…


Are You Eligible For Southern Illinois Boot Camp?

What is Boot Camp? The Illinois impact incarceration program, more commonly referred to as “boot camp”[1], is a program within the Illinois Department of Corrections that allows eligible offenders sentenced to prison the opportunity to significantly reduce their amount of time served in prison. It is referred to as boot…


Benefits of Holding Tenancy by the Entirety in Illinois

Tenancy by the Entirety is a legal tool available to married couples that provides many important protections for their primary residence. For example, when one spouse passes away, the other spouse will inherit ownership of the entire property. Additionally—and importantly—a creditor of only one spouse may not foreclose on the