Leasing for Oil, Surface & Mineral

The current oil boom is exciting to many individuals. That said the standard lease provided to many farmers and surface owners is biased in favor of the oil companies.

Lawler Brown will help you protect your business and your property while making sure you reap all the rewards of leasing your land.

You need to be able to continue to farm your land while the oil company is producing what is underneath the soil. You must insure that your leaLeasing for Oil, Surface & Minerals provides protection from the damage an oil company can cause, including:

  • Restricting the placement of a well or pumping unit within a certain feet of the home, structures or animals.
  • Designating location placement of tank batteries
  • Addressing soil restoration and lease road
  • Insuring all lines including  pipelines, electric lines and cables run are sufficiently below plow depth

These and many other considerations are necessary to insure a fair oil and gas lease.

For more information about oil leases, please contact the oil and gas lawyers at Lawler Brown.

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