Why Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

As a former Williamson County Assistant State’s Attorney, I had the opportunity to see the legal process from the other side of the courtroom. Now as a private criminal defense attorney, I am even more familiar with the criminal procedure process- from start to finish and from both sides of the courtroom. From reading the police report, to deciding whether to charge, meeting with the detectives and witnesses, I understand the personal, professional and legal implications of the entire process from the state’s perspective.

Now in the private arena, I see the importance of ensuring that the case is handled properly, that defenses are raised if possible and the art of negotiating an appropriate plea if necessary.

I understand how foreign a courtroom feels to most people. I also appreciate the gravity of a possible criminal conviction. While the prosecutor is human like all of us, they are most concerned with achieving the most appropriate resolution from the state’s perspective. It is not their responsibility to take your concerns into account. Your criminal history is vital to your livelihood and I assure you that I will take this into consideration and do everything I can to best represent you if given the opportunity.

The ultimate goal is to achieve the best possible resolution to your case. But equally important to us is that you understand your rights, that you understand your options and that you understand that I will always listen to your requests. After all, we will be working for you and advocating only on your behalf.

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