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Southern Illinois Local Counsel

In today’s business world, even small companies can find business opportunities nationwide. Although this allows for incredible business growth, it can also introduce unexpected challenges, such as the possibility of lawsuits anywhere in the country. At Lawler Brown Law Firm we routinely serve as local counsel, working with out-of-state or out-of-area attorneys to resolve lawsuits in Illinois. Contact our office today to discuss litigation concerns and local counsel needs. From our office in Marion, Illinois, we are well positioned to handle legal concerns in the southern Illinois area.


When serving as local counsel, we are able to take on any role requested by the out-of-state (or out-of-area) attorneys we are supporting. We can handle basic aspects of the case, such as routine filing matters, status calls and court appearances. Alternatively, when preferred, we can take a more involved role and handle the substantive aspects of the litigation.

We are committed to filling only the role desired by the client and assigned by the client’s out-of-state attorneys. We routinely work with local counsel in other states for our own Illinois clients’ out-of-state legal concerns; we understand the importance of hiring local counsel who are reliable and will perform the requested duties without stepping beyond the established roles and budgets. Our office is a modern office that uses the latest technology to help meet the needs of clients in other states and countries. We use internet research and communication tools to remain current with the latest developments in the law. We keep you informed at every step of the way by communicating with you about each action we take, by being easily accessible by phone and internet, and by sending you monthly, itemized statements that clearly reflect our progress in your matter. Contact us today regarding your local counsel needs.

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