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Do I Call My Car Insurance Company If It’s Not My Fault?

Do I Call My Car Insurance Company If It’s Not My Fault?
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When it comes to auto accidents, one of the most distressing experiences is wondering what to do next, particularly when you are convinced the other driver was negligent. You may wonder if you should call your insurance company if you’re not at fault or if you should get legal advice.

The answer is “yes” to both questions. But here’s why having a Southern Illinois car accident attorney call your insurance is a wise idea - even when you were not responsible for the accident.

A Must-Do: Notifying Your Car Insurance Provider

You might be tempted to just relax while waiting for compensation from an at-fault driver’s insurance provider. However, having your car accident lawyer notify your own insurance company remains important for several reasons.

Your Policy Likely Requires It

Most policies for motor vehicle coverage have provisions that mandate policyholders report any incident that can potentially lead to a claim. The fine print usually stipulates that you should report the accident as promptly as possible. Should you fail to report the incident, you may negatively affect your coverage.

In addition, reporting by way of a police report and through your insurance carrier helps professionals compile crash reports - statistics that assist investigators in making public highways and byways safer and more auto-friendly.

Immediate Assistance and Coverage Benefits

Coverage Benefits

You can access some benefits right away through your insurer that do not require waiting until fault is determined. For instance, if you have collision coverage, your insurance will pay for the repair costs upfront (subject to a deductible) so you can get back on the road faster. The other insurer may take forever to pay out a claim or fix the damage when you need your car for work and errands.

Protection in Case of Disputes

A dispute may arise despite what might seem like an open-and-shut case. This conflict often concerns the party’s degree of fault. If you inform your insurer ahead of time, the case can be resolved more expediently.

UM/UIM Claims

If you’re involved in an accident with a driver who is not insured or carrying enough insurance, you may need to resort to your own uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist coverage. It’s always a good idea to elect to carry this insurance to have backup protection if the other driver cannot pay.

Why Have a Car Accident Attorney Call Your Insurance Company?

You might think calling your insurance provider and informing them about the crash is harmless. After all, you were not to blame, so why should you be worried?

The truth is that anything you say to any insurance company can come back to haunt you later in the process. If you need to seek benefits from your policy regarding the accident, they might use something you said against your claim.

An experienced lawyer knows how to communicate in a manner that protects a potential future claim. Being safe and allowing your attorney to handle all communications is always better.

Why a Car Accident Lawyer Can Be Your Best Ally

Hiring an attorney may seem unnecessary when you think the case is simple. However, an attorney can turn out to be your strongest ally if you’re dealing with filing a post-accident claim.

Skills in Assessing Claims

A car accident lawyer, skilled in handling insurance claims, can give you a full appraisal of the situation. They will help establish all aspects of your claim, including present and future medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and other kinds of damages that you are entitled to receive. As a layperson, you are unlikely to possess this legal knowledge or advantage.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies typically aim at reducing payouts. An adept lawyer knows how to talk to insurance adjusters, thus protecting your rights while ensuring you get full compensation. They know how insurers may try to play down their client’s degree of fault so they can effectively counter their claims on your behalf.

Handling the Paperwork and All the Details

A lot of paperwork comes in the aftermath of an accident. This may be overwhelming and may range from collecting medical records to submitting specific documents to various parties. All these details are handled by a lawyer, who makes sure that everything is filled out correctly as well as in time.

Court Representation, If Necessary

In case your matter goes to trial, an attorney’s skills are indispensable. They will stand up for you in court and explain all the details of your case before a judge or jury. Their willingness to take on legal matters before a judge, even if they’re not filing a lawsuit, frequently ensures better settlements outside a court.

Absence of Any Upfront Fees

Most personal injury lawyers do not charge upfront fees. Instead, they only take their fee if you receive a settlement. With no monetary risk involved beforehand, this kind of arrangement avails you of the legal support you need without worrying about your budget.

Never Wait to Seek a Free Consultation With a Car Accident Attorney

When involved in an accident that is not your fault, it might feel counterintuitive to contact your insurance company or even a lawyer. However, this is a good strategic move to make, especially if you’re seeking a quicker resolution.

Consultation With a Car Accident Attorney

You’ll also protect your interests and increase your chances of receiving full reimbursement for any troubles you may experience.

Your car insurance company can offer immediate help, safeguard you against potential complications, and possibly offer under-utilized policy perks. A car accident lawyer can provide their skills, advocacy, and peace of mind at the same time.

Contact a lawyer who can, in turn, contact your insurance company and the other party’s insurer. This will be helpful, especially if the situation begins to escalate or you’re unsure about the extent of your damages.

Legal case evaluations are free, so you have nothing to lose by discussing your situation with an attorney. They can advise whether legal representation is necessary in your case. 

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