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You’re driving along I-57 when suddenly, another vehicle hits you. A rear-ending car crash can be extremely dangerous, resulting in serious damage to your vehicle and permanent, painful injuries to your neck and spine.

If another driver has struck you from behind, an experienced car accident attorney can help you file a claim for your injuries and other damage.

Injuries from a rear-end collision may take weeks or months to heal. Recovery can be painful, especially if you require ongoing aftercare, like chiropractor visits or surgery.

If another driver caused your crash, a personal injury or car accident attorney who will make sure to hold them accountable for making you whole including paying for your medical bills so that you can complete all the activities you were doing prior to the collision. Trust an experienced car accident lawyer to help ensure you receive fair compensation for your damages and losses.

Common Injuries From a Rear End Collision

In a rear-ending crash, your body experiences severe stress and rapid motion back and forth. This jerking motion is the reason behind the nickname for one of the most common types of neck injuries from a collision—whiplash.

A rear-ending collision can also send your vehicle spinning out of control, possibly into other lanes of traffic and colliding with other cars, or into a ditch, where you’ll suffer even more injuries.

Although many people think of a minor fender bender when they think of a rear-end crash, the truth is that these are serious car accidents in which a victim may benefit from hiring a car accident attorney to protect their interests.

Some of the most common injuries from a rear-end crash that your car accident lawyer may sue for compensation of include:


Whiplash is a very common injury, a form of neck strain. It happens when the force of the collision causes the head to jerk violently forward, then back, overstraining the neck. Whiplash often leads to chronic headaches and a sore neck.

You may have compromised range of motion, as well, or numbness and weakness in the arms and shoulders. For more information, please contact us.


Seat Belt Injuries

Your seat belt will save your life—so don’t stop wearing it because you’re worried about seat belt injuries from a car wreck but in a rear-end collision, the seat belt will automatically lock and tighten, keeping you from going through the windshield.

As a result, the impact can cause the belt to cut into your skin or knock the breath out of you. You may also end up with deep bruising and contusions from the impact.

Remember, though, that the slashes and bruises from a seat belt are a small price to reduce your risk of being flung from the vehicle or hitting the windshield.

Head Injuries

Even if both vehicles were moving slowly when the crash happened, head injuries are still a real possibility. Impact and skull injuries are common, especially if something comes through the windshield.

And the impact of your head and face hitting the airbag can cause a mild to moderate concussion. Common head injuries can also include loss of consciousness and swelling in the brain.

If you were struck at high speed, you might even have a traumatic brain injury and serious, sometimes permanently compromised ability to speak, read, or reason. It’s critical to be checked for concussion and brain injury right after the collision, as symptoms may not appear immediately.

If you’re treated on the scene, your car accident lawyer will have an easier time proving that your injuries directly resulted from the crash.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spine is subjected to the same force as your neck would be in a rear-end crash. Pain and numbness, or even partial or total paralysis, can occur.

You may have pulled muscles around the spine that make it hard to stand, walk, or bend over. Or the accidents can overstretch the ligaments in your back and spine, causing whiplash or soft-tissue damage, which is painful and may take months or years to heal.

If you have a small car, the accident may crush the driver’s seat, which could seriously bruise or even sever your spine.

Another complication from a rear-end crash back injury is a slipped or herniated disc. Small discs separate the vertebrae in your spine. These discs consist of a harder outer layer and a softer inner layer. They cushion the spine bones and allow flexibility and range of movement.

But spine damage from an accident damages the discs and can cause a small rip in the outer layer, which allows the inner layer to escape, putting painful pressure on the spine. These often require invasive back surgery to repair.

Crushed Arms or Legs

In a severe crash, or if your car spun into other vehicles or another large object, like a tree or highway sign, you might also have your arms or legs broken, fractured, or crushed.

One of the worst-case scenarios could be a partial or full amputation of one of your limbs. Or if it’s crushed too badly, the hospital may have to amputate it to save your life.

How Medical Attention After a Car Wreck Can Help Your Claim

Right after another driver has hit you, do a quick check for injuries. Try wiggling your fingers and toes. Call 911 immediately, and tell the dispatcher how and where you and your passengers seem to be hurt. The more information you can give EMS, the better they’re able to treat you.

You may not “feel hurt” right after an accident, but adrenaline masks pain from injuries and gives you a boost of energy. That adrenaline can mask symptoms of a head injury, torn muscles, whiplash, or even cuts and lacerations.

Emergency medical providers have experience in diagnosing common rear-end crash injuries. Additionally, the medical records from the wreck are a vital part of the case your car accident attorney will build.

An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Can Help After a Rear-End Collision

Attorneys Lawler Brown Law Firm Marion, IL   If another driver struck you from behind, you may seek compensation for damages, including your immediate and future medical costs to treat injuries from the crash.

Many personal injuries and car accident attorneys offer a complimentary consultation, so make sure to seek legal guidance after the wreck—don’t try to navigate this complicated process alone contact a car accident lawyer.