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The Most Common Causes of Collisions

The Most Common Causes of Collisions Common Causes of Collisions The experience of being in an auto crash is jarring and can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle, your body, and your overall health and functioning. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you might have the right to collect damages - not only for your car repairs and medical bills but also for your lost wages if you cannot work and non-economic losses, including pain and suffering. To collect damages for your losses from your motor vehicle collision, you must show that another party was the cause of your damages and that, but for their actions, the crash would not have happened, and you would not have suffered injuries. It is necessary to identify the cause of your collision so you can know who was to blame, and this is the job of a trusted car accident attorney. Keep the following conditions and causes of vehicle collisions in mind when considering the possible cause of the crash you were in, as such causes regularly lead to the liability of another driver or party. To learn more about what causes collisions and whether you can seek damages for your injuries, reach out to an experienced car accident lawyer today to discuss your rights for free.

Speeding is a Leading Cause of Motor Vehicle Collisions

Speeding is an ongoing issue on the roads of the United States, and speed was responsible for the deaths of about 9,478 people in one recent year. Speeding is a contributing factor in 26 percent of all traffic fatalities in the U.S. and plays a role in approximately one-third of all traffic fatalities. Speed limits exist as a safeguard for all drivers on the road, as speed is equally dangerous for everyone. Speeding affects the safety of the driver by reducing their ability to react to conditions on the road like weather or traffic, and higher speeds can make crashes more severe and damaging when they do happen. As the saying goes, speed kills, and it is also an underlying cause of many traffic crashes and fatalities.

Distracted Driving Is Responsible for One in Eight Deaths on the Road

Distracted driving is driving while you engage in any activity that takes your attention away from the road, including using a cell phone or smartphone, talking to a passenger, using the in-dash GPS or radio display, or even eating and drinking. One in eight deaths on the roads of the United States involves distracted driving, and this type of activity has become a major public health and safety risk since the rise of mobile devices. If someone is reading a text while driving at fifty-five miles per hour, sending a text is like driving over the distance of a football field, but with their eyes closed. Driving while distracted might seem to be something that many people do regularly, but that does not relieve them of liability for the damages that result from a crash. When another driver collides with you, your attorney will begin collecting the evidence you need to prove that the other parties were liable. Your attorney knows how to seek evidence to prove distracted driving, which is important given the challenges of proving the mindset of a driver before crashing.

Drunk Driving Causes Hundreds of Thousands of Crashes Each Year

Each day in the United States, 28 people die on the road as a result of drunk driving crashes. In a recent year, 10,142 people lost their lives due to drunk drivers in entirely preventable collisions. Even the amount of alcohol from a single drink can lead to a decline in the functioning and focus needed to drive safely. With each additional drink, coordination and the ability to respond to emergencies reduce, further increasing the likelihood of a serious crash. Drunk driving is a very serious issue across the U.S., although some areas in particular - like areas with many bars and restaurants or university campuses - might be more likely to have dangerously drunk drivers making the road a more deadly place. For example, around Southern Illinois University (SIU) or other colleges and universities, drunk driving is sometimes more common than in other areas. University students do more than just study, and you might encounter some inexperienced student drinkers behind the wheel, making conditions more dangerous than even on Route 13 and Interstate 57. Being mindful of where you helps recognize what risks might emerge on the road, but you can never control the actions of other drunk drivers. If you are in a motor vehicle collision with a drunk driver, always let a car accident attorney protect your rights.

Connect With a Marion Car Accident Attorney Now to Discuss Your Crash

If you were in a motor vehicle collision, having an attorney on your side as soon as possible after seeking out medical attention will support the best possible outcome in your case. Making the most of your damages requires that an attorney collects and presents sufficient evidence of liability to the appropriate insurance companies. When another driver hits your vehicle and causes injuries, it can be difficult - if not impossible - for you to determine if they used their smartphone while driving, drove under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or were speeding. Your attorney will ask the right questions and collect the right evidence to determine exactly what the other drivers involved did and the level of liability they hold for your injuries. There is no requirement that you have a car accident lawyer, but having one can provide many benefits and, in most cases, lead to a better outcome of your claim. The right lawyer will have the investigative resources to pinpoint the cause of your collision, whether it is one of the above causes or something completely different. Seek a free case evaluation so your lawyer can review what happened and advise you of who should be liable.

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